iStock_000040600086LargeWhen you invest in the Flavour Flavour Shop concept, you get more than just machines and equipment.

You will get the hands-on training you need to help you maximize your Flavour Flavour Shop opportunities.

Our team of experts will train you and your staff on site, so that you can anticipate a quick start.

Through our intensive, hands-on preparation sessions, we will train your equipment service staff on everything they need to know, from basic maintenance, through making consistent, profitable, high quality, soft serve frozen products.

We offer ongoing training in product development and new product launch.

We’ll give your organization the foundation and training necessary to make your Flavour Flavour Shop the shop of choice in any community.

And when you need supplies, parts, maintenance or service advice, we’ll be available for you.

Don’t delay another day! Contact us and get started now!