Many Ice Cream stores and parlors have lots of expensive machines so they can offer a variety of products to customers with a limited number of flavors. With the 24 Flavor System of FlavorFlavor you only need one Soft Serve Machine and a Slush Machine to offer all these products to your customers:

  • Soft Serve cones of 24 different flavors
  • Shakes of 24 different flavors
  • Hurricanes of 24 different flavors
  • Sundaes of 24 different flavors
  • Slush of 24 different flavors
  • Smoothies of 24 different flavors

The 24 Flavor System works with any Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine, Frozen yogurt Machine, or Slush Machine. Offer great variety of products in your store or parlor with minimum investment.

The machines of the 24 flavor system

There are many different Frozen Yogurt commercial machines and Ice Cream commercial freezers available in the market; no matter what your brand of preference, the 24 Flavor System of FlavorFlavor can be adapted to work perfectly with your Frozen Yogurt and Soft Serve Ice Cream machines or makers.

The 24 Flavor System works next to any soft serve machine and comes with:

  • The machine itself
  • 24 8oz bottles of flavoring (enough to make 3600 large cones)
  • 24 pumps for 8oz bottles
  • 5 mixing cups with caps
  • 1 cleaning cup with brush inside
  • Large banner (4' x 10')
  • 2 flavor menu place mats
  • Plexiglas soft serve sign (13" x 24")
  • Wax paper squares

Basically, everything you'd need to start serving 24 flavors of ice cream, slush, milkshakes, hurricanes and smoothies as soon as it's delivered. If you already have an Ice Cream store or Parlor, there is no need to get or buy new Soft Serve Ice Cream commercial machines, your existing machines work perfectly with our system.

The 24 Flavor Ice Cream system flavors

The best way to make the most of your Ice Cream store equipment is offering a great variety of Ice Cream flavors by incorporating the 24 Flavor System into your store or parlor!

We have the best Ice Cream Flavors:

Offer this wide flavor variety in your products to your customers with the 24 Flavor System! Check out all the treats where you can include all our flavors: