The extensive experience of FlavorFlavor also spans store design, layout, and marketing. With FlavorFlavor you do not have to worry about your Ice Cream store, shop, parlor or bar design: use our successful resources to get more customers!

Equipment for your Ice Cream Store or Parlor

Use your existing Ice Cream machines or purchase some of the Ice Cream store equipment we recommend. We can also provide you with the best peripheral equipment recommendations. In any case, the essential machines of the 24 flavor system are:

  • A soft serve machine
  • The 24 Flavor System

Store Deign and Furniture for your Ice Cream Store

FlavorFlavor has the best ideas for for your Ice Cream shop or parlor furniture. Take a look to some of our clients!

We offer concepts to suit every need!

From the eye catching logo to the superior quality counters and prep areas, the shop is an ergonomic dream.

In a small footprint, the Flavour Flavour Shop can deliver big returns. Everything you need to provide soft serve delights, slush and toppings is here in a comprehensive package. From cash register to Soft Serve machine, Slush machine and topping bar, the space has been designed to permit staff to function quickly and efficiently. Whether you choose the Express kiosk or the larger, higher volume Flavour Shop, or add the Mini concept to your existing shop, profitability will be optimized through our streamlined, ergonomic design.

Our cost efficient concept ensures that you are able to offer whichever frozen treat best suits the profile of your customer base, whether it be soft serve ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato, smoothies or milk shakes, by the cone or by the bowl.

Likewise, the concept offers high visibility, customer appeal for greater marketability. With a full range of capacities to suit your customer base, you can optimize your menu and your profits.

Branding and Marketing to boost your Ice Cream Parlor

Looking to build your business on a strong foundation?

Running your own Flavour Flavour Shop is the answer. Flavour Flavour offers you all the support you need to start the business.

Once established, our innovative marketing and incomparable logistics support and training will aid you as you pursue your opportunities. Likewise, the clearly identifiable Flavor Flavor brand will set your store apart from every other. You can benefit from the experience and knowledge of others through our owners’ forums where business operators like yourself share successes and seek help and answers to issues facing us day to day.

If you want to enjoy building your own business with expert guidance and support, AND have fun doing it, contact us today to get started.

Expert support will be available in areas such as consultation for the development of your store, training of team members, training of technical service staff and similar operational support. Our dedicated team will also provide you with marketing and brand support from the company.

Don’t delay! Opportunity awaits! Your future is here! Contact us today!

The 24 Flavor System has everything you need!

If you are ready for success, then we are ready to help you. From soft serve machines, slush machines, dips, flavors, the 24 Flavor System, signage, store design, support, service and everything a person needs to develop a successful ice cream parlor or store, we have it all. And you can have a piece of the pie. Just contact us today and get